The Best Custom Diamond Painting Kits

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With our the best custom diamond painting kits you can a single-handedly create portrait of a dear person will be a great gift for a wedding or birthday, you’ll be happy to hang at your home paintings of your children or a favourite pet.

And maybe you should make your own 5d diamond painting a portrait of your favorite grandmother and present it to your mom on the Mother’s day, or for the birthday?

Now, you can do everything!

Your picture gallery will be unique!

Portraits of kids, grandchildren, of your loved ones, relatives and wonderful landscapes of places where only you have been – all this can be turned into personalized diamond painting you have made with your own hands!

What is needed for the best 5d custom diamond painting?

Custom diamond painting kits have only one difference from the others – you attach to your order a graphic file with your own picture, from which we will make for you personal a diamond painting.

1. Your own photo for diamond painting.

Advices and recommendations on how to choose the right image, so that my best custom diamond painting kit would be awesome:

  • The image should be digital. (jpg, jpeg, png).
  • It is desirable that the image size in kilobytes is at least 300. Sometimes it happens that the best custom diamond painting are made out of smaller photos, but in this case it is better to align the initial photo with our designer and then place the order.
  • Photo size in pixels at least 1000 on the smaller side of the canvas.
  • The image should correspond to the size of the canvas: the more complex the image, the larger the canvas.

For example: Originals of many well known paintings are canvases with the size of several meters therefore replicating them in a small size is only possible with a significant simplification of the image.

  • Select clear, not blurry images, as the best diamond paintings mean with distinct borders and some artistic techniques of photography (For example: blurry backgrounds) will be difficult to convey by means of distinct outlines.

The images that are not suitable for 5d custom diamond painting.

The images that are great for custom diamond painting.

  • Central object (For example: a man, a dog, a cat, a house etc.) and background should be contrast, that is, they should not merge in colour and be too gaily-coloured at the same time. Then they will also be clearly visible in the painting.
  • If the photograph is a portrait one, there should be no shades on faces – grey tones on the face look worse than natural (flesh) tones. Because the eyes, lips, dimples in the cheeks, all the things that make faces look individual and recognizable, are not visible in the shade. But where faces are evenly illuminated, you get wonderful portraits!
  • The size of a face in the finished portrait should be at least 3 – 4 inch / 7-10 cm. Thus, a face of a person, to be recognizable, should occupy a large part of the image. A group photograph with 10-20 people or one person at a distance is already not a portrait but a landscape.

Your own photo for 5d diamond painting is ready!

2. Selecting the canvas size of the best custom diamond painting.

All images originally have their own sizes.

For example: The size 1500*1200 pixels. What should we do? We divide the larger side by the smaller side: 1500/1200=1.25. This is the aspect ratio. And now you can select a size from our list.

For example: The size 40*50, we divide 50 by 40 and obtain 1.25, or 75/60=1,25 – it is an ideal size for the image of 1,5001,200 pixels. But if the size of 40*60, 40/60=1.5 is selected, then the photo will need to be cropped a little.

The size we generally recommend based on the number of people in the photo.

custom diamond painting from photo

3. A few easy steps to placing an order:

  1. Select the diamond type: Square or Round drills
  2. Select the canvas size
  3. Upload your photo
  4. Click add to cart
  5. Fill in your delivery details and confirm the order on checkout page

FAQ – Custom diamond painting from photo

Yes, of course. Before ordering, we’ll make a photo for you to confirm and if you will like it, you can order it.

Send us your photos, and we’ll offer you the optimal size for each photo.

It’s depends on the details and the colour palette, if there are many small details, it will be too difficult to make your own 5d diamond painting, it’s better to select a size bigger.

We will send the finished order within 2-3 business days.

We are a factory with 12 years of experience; we have professional designers and artists to control the entire production process.


We create a personalized diamond painting from own photo with your consent and shall not be liable to third parties with respect to possible infringement of copyright or other rights related to this image.

Product information:

  • Type: The Best Custom Diamond Painting Kits (This is NOT finished a picture, you need to make by yourself)
  • Recommended Age: 6 years old+
  • Canvas: HD Canvas
  • Diamond Material: Resin beads
  • Diamond Type: Round / Square (Optional)
  • Diamond Size: 0.1 Inch / 25 MM
  • Pasting Area: Full drill
  • Color: Depends own picture
  • Frame: Not include the frame. (It’s just a rolled canvas and tools)
  • Package: Rolled around the tube and wrapped in bubble wrap or box packing
  • Canvas Size: Different sizes (Optional)

Full drill on canvas of 5D diamond painting

Full drill means the entire canvas is covered by round or square diamonds (at your choice).
Finished painting is bright, saturated, sparkly and will not fade with time.

What’s in include the package of The Best Сustom Diamond Painting Kit?

  • 1 x Tweezers
  • 2 x Cube clay
  • 1 x Cube diamond tray
  • 1 x Diamond painting pen
  • 1 x Set x Colorful diamonds
  • 1 x High quality numeral canvas
Diamond Painting Kit

5D Diamond Painting Kits

Our packages for the best custom diamond painting kits

If the canvas size is less then
12 x 16 inch / 30 x 40cm
Bag Packaging

If the canvas size is more then
12 x 16 inch / 30 x 40cm
Box Packaging

How do you do 5d custom diamond painting?

It’s so simple, anyone can do it! Even if you do not have any talent for diamond painting at all.
Our kits include all tools you need to get started and create your unique a masterpiece.

How do you do 5d diamond art


  1. Please DO NOT put the diamonds in place where children under 6 can easily access, so as to avoid being swallowed by them.
  2. Don’t open all the film on the canvas at once.
  3. When you suddenly stop your the best custom diamond painting kit, please cover the transparent film on the canvas to prevent the canvas from losing its viscosity.
  4. Don’t fold the canvas to avoid wrinkling.

So what are you waiting for now?

Turn your special moments in the life of a artwork from own photo!
The gift idea for any occasion!

best custom diamond painting

The Best Custom Diamond Painting Kits Reviews

Customer reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Turned out beautiful!!!
The media could not be loaded. It turned out so beautiful and graphic, the beads brought this picture of my uncle to life.
Excellent quality
Received custom diamond painting, the canvas and drills are fantastic quality.
Close to picture
Satisfied, complete and in good condition, it remains to be done now.
Perfect Christmas gift
I chose the size for picture and it was to small, the seller upgraded my size for free. The picture was exactly as I needed.
love it!!!!
i love how this came out, thank you to the seller so so much amazing
Thank you again.
Thank you so much, my order arrived within 10 days to U.S, so fast. I love my diamond painting.
diamond pic
this is now my 3rd custom photo can't wait to get it started
So Realistic When Finished. Looks Like A Real Photo
Super fun project for daughter and son in law of their wedding.
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