Our Story

If you are on this page, then at this point you may be asking yourself.

  • I want to discover a new hobby “Paint with Diamonds Art”.
  • I want to create wonderful things with my own hands.
  • I have a penchant for original and beautiful gifts.

Online Diamond Art Kits store is a place where both beginning and advanced feel at home, be sure that you will find everything you need at our store.


  • The client comes first.

Our buyer is the most important person! And our entire activities revolve around him or her.

5D Diamond Painting is not simply merchandise. It’s the feeling of a particular person, the mood, the pride, the satisfaction of the masterpiece made, the interaction with friends and family, the huge range of positive emotions provided to us by creativity. We have organized our work in such a way that our customers are absorbed in it as quickly as possible and get the widest choice with minimum time consumption.

Our online Diamond Art Kits store is organized so as to quickly fulfill the wishes of the client, and he or she could independently obtain the full information necessary to make a successful selection and order. There is no need for correspondence – everything is ready to fulfill the order.

That’s because…

  • Organization and production

Are located in one place. Receiving orders, processing of images, production, packaging, shipping, marketing – we do it all ourselves.

We have organized our work in such a way that our diamond painting kits:

  1. Are readily available;
  2. Can be ordered at once, without any correspondence with managers;
  3. Are constantly being replenished with new arrivals focusing on the need of our buyers;
  4. Availability of various sizes and complexity;
  5. Exclusive subjects;
  6. Manufacture on your own photo or other image;
  7. Order processing in the shortest possible time;
  8. Always colorful magic diamonds (we add more 30% of the beads);
  9. Regular discounts and promotional events;
  10. Given all the advantages listed above, will easily withstand competition on price and quality;

And the buyer will receive his or her diamond painting with the aid of….

  • Logistics

We deliver goods to over 50 countries worldwide.

You will see how quickly it is possible to proceed from looking through the collection to creative work and how diverse it can be.

So much so that your imagination will probably lead you to a desire to incarnate in a diamond art something of your own – yourself, your children, friends, your loved ones or pets, your home or an unforgettable holiday experience.
Nothing is easier.

Since we are pleased to perform:

This is one of the main reasons why we have organized the complete production cycle in one place. Otherwise it would be impossible to fulfill your order quickly, and we all know how difficult it is in the contemporary world to wait for months for what has been promised.

At that, you receive the same quality of the diamond art with your own picture as in the production samples – after all, they are manufactured on the same equipment and from the same materials, and what is more, within the same time-frame!

You do not need to get in touch with us over the telephone, to correspond back and forth – no further actions except one: upload your image upon placing an order for a personalized diamond painting.

We wish you a pleasant and artistic mood with DiamondArtKits.store today!